jQuery countdownTimer

Reverse count down jQuery plugin for displaying countdown as per need. It also displays current local time.

jQuery Date/Time Entry

This plugin sets an input field up to accept a date/time value using a spinner or the keyboard. * Set date and/or time format, including day and/or month names. * Integrates with mousewheel plugin. * Expandable spinner for easier use. * Over 20 localisations.

jqTime — jQuery time plugin

jqTime – this is a jQuery plugin that displays the time on the screen. The plugin contains many flexible settings.

wTimer jQuery Plugin

A jQuery timer plugin by Websanova


A simple jQuery plugin for time selection in form.

Password Strength

PasswordStrength is a jQuery plugin to measure the strength of a password typed by the user.

jQuery localtime

This plug-in designed to display a time in the correct timezone for the viewer; ideal for international audiences of your web site.

jQuery timediff

This plugin can be used for dynamically updated relative timestamps like: 2 seconds ago

Pie Chart Countdown

Plugin that makes it possible to create pie charts displaying time ticking down (using CSS animations).