jQuery timediff

This plugin can be used for dynamically updated relative timestamps like: 2 seconds ago

Pie Chart Countdown

Plugin that makes it possible to create pie charts displaying time ticking down (using CSS animations).

jQuery Time Autocomplete

A time autocomplete plugin similar to how Google Calendar’s time autocomplete works.

jQuery TimeLine plugin

Simple and elegent jQuery timeline plugin to show important date events on a timeline.


Parses multi line content for times and calculates a total time duration – all that in realtime (No pun intended).


Pick things with ease.


Plugin to allow you to display the time since an event. PHP formats the dates on the backend, then jQuery updates the times within the browser.

jQuery Time Dropdown

jQuery plugin for selecting a time from a small set of drop-downs; but also allow an arbitrary time to be entered.

KK Countdown

Plugin KK Countdown counts down to specific dates in the future.


Small 1kb jQuery plugin to display formatted dates.