Easy as hell jQuery plugin for video backgrounds.

Lightbox gallery module – Chrome Template

Lightbox module for gallery. Chrome Style DEMO. Lightbox gallery possess an ability to clearly display the desirable images on the websites.


jQuery plugin for keeping user input. Restores values ​​in fields when page reloads. Uses `localStorage`.


Create Chrome-styled context menus (right-click menus) for any element.

Bic Calendar Full

A jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap 3 full calendar with the option of select data ranges, mark events and others

Mb Comingsoon Time Counter

This is an animated resposive Coming Soon time counter.


Less than 1kb jQuery plugin for transform content into tabs.

jQuery 2D Slider and Range

jQuery plugin select range or single value from period or 2d board. Support touch devices

Before and after slider

A jQuery plugin for comparing before and after images side by side