Droppable grid for draggable widget.

jQuery thoughtBubble

This is a tiny jQuery library creates animated thought bubbles/tooltips.

jQuery Counter

plugin allows you to make text-input element to be a counter with plus/minus buttons. Also, you can add a word to current number

Webdesign-Podcast.de SlideShow

The Webdesign-Podcast.de SlideShow Plugin is an easy to use MultiMedia Slider with some greate and dynamic effects. This jQuery Plugin has a lot of settings and is fully customizable. You can find a demo here http://www.webdesign-podcast.de/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/webdesign-podcast-slider/ and english written docs on GitHub.

jQuery Time Dropdown

jQuery plugin for selecting a time from a small set of drop-downs; but also allow an arbitrary time to be entered.

jQuery Fixed Scroll Background

A responsive site layout with fixed-background scrolling sections.


Scrolling navigation component for web apps.

jQuery SimpleChart

Small jQuery Plugin to display a Chart of Plotted Data


jquery.capsChecker is a jQuery plugin to check whether caps lock is turned on. It is the only plugin of its kind, which can recognize caps lock on numbers. That’s important for users with standard German keyboard layout.


A jQuery plugin that *quite literally* checks all the boxes; apply it to a checkbox to bulk check/uncheck groups of checkboxes.