jQuery sprites

This plugin helps you animating spritesheets


Jquery plugin to animate with transforms and transitions. Hardware accelerated css3 animations with fallback on older browsers.

TV Credits

Horizontal and vertical scroll jQuery plugin. It can be used as a horizontal ticker or a vertical TV credits scroll style.


A jquery plugin that progressively enhances website page loads to behave more like single-page application.

fancy input

Makes typing in input fields fun with CSS3 effects

jQuery aniJS

A image sprite sheet jquery animation plugin

jQuery Sprite Animation

jQuery plugin for animation image sprites.

Mindfor jQuery affix

The affix will reflect which part of the content the user is reading/looking at. But the affix can also be used to jump to a certain section in the content.

Hover Captions

jHover Captions (here in after: HCaptions) is a jQuery plugin that enables you to display caption overlays with cool effects over images, div’s, ect..