jQuery More

This plugin truncates extended text and allows it to be shown dynamically. * Change the truncation length. * Expand only or expand/contract. * Customise button expansion. * Truncate across HTML tags.

jQuery Tweet Highlighted

jQuery plugin that allows tweeting a user selected/highlighted text.

jQuery Disable Autocomplete

This jQuery plug-in enforces the autocomplete=off HTML attribute on password (and other) fields. Recent browsers have chosen to ignore this attribute in favor of user preferences. However, some financial (and other) institutions may have good reasons to enforce this practice.

jQuery Clearme

jQuery plugin that clears a watermark text on click. Can be used on input (text, email, tel, url, search, number) or textarea fields.

jQuery highlightText

Simple Text Highlighting via Unobtrusive JavaScript

jQuery textWave effect

jQuery plugin for text visual effect over text

Ipsum Everything

The ultimate jQuery plugin for all things ipsum.


Filling many inputs (Addressforms, Applications, Payments etc) with content from a textarea separated by Newlines.

JUMBLE (..up the colours of your header tags, nicely)

Welcome to the jumble – A jQuery plugin that jumbles up the lightness/satuation and colours of your text headers/whatevers, and can also animate them (which is mobile safe).