Simple Magnifier

A magnifier plugin

jQuery Text Scroller

Text Scroller – jQuery plugin for scroling div

jQuery Advanced Filter List

Configurable jQuery plugin for filtering lists using text input.

Audero Flashing Text

Audero Flashing Text is a cross-browser jQuery plugin that creates the effect of a flashing, randomly-placed and randomly-sized text inside a given HTML element (typically a ).

jQuery Text Pager

Text Pager – jQuery plugin for create pages on div

Text Slider

jQuery plugin for animating through an array of strings

Fluid Text Resizer

Fluid Text Resizer is a compact yet versatile jQuery text resizer script. It can adjust the text size of a particular section of your page, such as just the primary content area, multiple sections, or the entire document in general. A fluid animation is used to morph into the new text size, and session cookies … Continue reading

jQuery cursor

jQuery plugin to manipulating cursor inside text and textarea fields

jLetter – jQuery text rotator plugin

Letter is a lightweight text rotator plugin for jQuery. It rotates quotations one by one with fading effects on letters. Can be used as simple jQuery text slideshow, banner rotator, text rotator or jQuery text slider.

Label in Place

A simple fully customizable form enhancement plugin for in-field label support.