jQuery LetterFX

A jQuery plugin to apply animated visual effects to text – letters, words & custom patterns.


A simple jQuery plugin that rotates text in and out on the matched element, on a timer, or on click.

jQuery Nyan Bars

jQuery plugin for animated text and progress bars parsed from a simple string language.

Ipsum Everything

The ultimate jQuery plugin for all things ipsum.

Label in Place

A simple fully customizable form enhancement plugin for in-field label support.

Devrama Book

‘Devrama Book’ is a jQuery Plugin that you can easily make a 3D book. Simply use HTML or Text to add content inside. You can customize the look & feel using CSS.

jQuery makeEditable

A jQuery plugin to transform text span to specified HTML input element on click to provide elegent display and editing.

jQuery Text Zoom Plugin

jQuery Text Zoom Plugin is a lightweight jQuery plugin that gives the users ability to control the text size, color, alignment and font family of an article on a page.

Kanye Ipsum

A jQuery plugin for generating placeholder text from Kanye West quotes.