A plugin for jQuery/Zepto that adds colorful 3D shadows to text, which respond to mouse movement.

jQuery Fewlines

A lightweight jQuery plugin to cut the text to a specified number of lines

input indicator

Indicates the current cursor position on an Input field and how much text is occupying it. Easy to implement in any website without modifying the DOM at all

jQuery Awesome

jQuery plugin for adding awesome words to your site.

jQuery Text Resizer

The jQuery Text Resizer Plugin allows you to create controls for changing the font size of one or more elements on a page. It gives your users a fine degree of control over font sizes. It is flexible in that it lets you specify exactly how to resize text, how it should be styled (via … Continue reading


Plugin that enhances the behaviour of the HTML input element of type text, offering some unique features. It provides ajax and localStorage capabilities for saving the input’s value

jQuery Aperture

Rotate all kinds of elements clock- or counterclockwise with jQuery Aperture.

jQuery scrambleText

jQuery plug-in that scrambles a given text randomly but keeps it surprisingly readable

jQuery Extract

Extract data in elements by selector

Words Rotator

A simple text elements rotator plugin.