CashFormat jQuery plugin allows to replace standart text inputs to inputs for type money, like 0.00.


Plugin that enhances the behaviour of the HTML input element of type text, offering some unique features. It provides ajax and localStorage capabilities for saving the input’s value


jQuery Plugin to validate some basic types of data input


A super-simple way to style select elements.

jQuery keepFormData

jQuery-keepFormData allows you to restore the values of the form’s fields, the state of checkboxes, radio buttons and select elements that the user entered, after reloading the page. By default, values ​​are stored until form’s submit.

jQuery Form Watcher

jQuery plugin to watch the form field’s.

Is Loading – Show feedback to your visitors

Easy jQuery plugin to show visual feedback when loading data or any action that would take time. Also can disable form elements and put an overlay an specified area or whole page.


jQuery plugin for keeping user input. Restores values ​​in fields when page reloads. Uses `localStorage`.


fancyplaceholder allows text box placeholders to be retained after there is text in the field.