jQuery Toggle Password

A simply jQuery plugin to toggle the display of value on “ element between masked and plain characters.


jQuery plugin that change the background and the opacity of an input field creating a nice effect

jQuery feedBackBox

A small feedback box realized as jQuery Plugin.

Radio Button

Radio button plugin allows you to customize the appearance of radio button elements.


Plugin para validação de formulários através da inserção de tags. É possível mostrar mensagens de erros personalizadas.


An intelligent jQuery plug-in for web form autocorrection.

jQuery Populate

A small yet useful jQuery plugin that populates select elements with option nodes.


Automatically saves all form fields into cookies, and then autofills those values on any form that shares element IDs across your site.

jQuery Bill Address

This will copy one address to another, like for billing and physical addresses.


Unobtrusively impose a consistent format on form inputs