jQuery defaultValue

Retrieving, setting and sync defaultValue with value property of HTML form elements via jQuery

jQuery Form Serializer

Simple and powerful form serializations with jQuery


jquery.capsChecker is a jQuery plugin to check whether caps lock is turned on. It is the only plugin of its kind, which can recognize caps lock on numbers. That’s important for users with standard German keyboard layout.

jQuery PrefillForm

Simply pre-fills form inputs based on JSON data passed in, or it can find the correct form and fields to autofill.

jQuery Codevro

jQuery Codevro deal with many types of code.

Form Preview

jQuery plugin for preview the data before form submit.


Automatically enable or disable a button, add loading messages, or swap classes – all without the verbose Javascript.

jQuery shuttle

Binds select and button elements into a coherent shuttle element

jQuery sproutingInputs

A jQuery Plugin for simple (buttonless) dynamic tables of inputs.

DP Number Picker

A JavaScript Object that is used to validate input data using jQuery.