jQuery Case Change

jQuery plugin to change case of a given text with different options.

jQuery Simple Tagger

jQuery plugin to ransforms a into a cross-browser input field to manage tags

jQueryUI easy TimePicker

jQuery plugin for picking a time period in predefined formats.


A simple tab group for most use cases

jQuery Form Tooltip

A plugin to enable animated, customisable tooltip on your form inputs when focusing.


A jQuery plugin that *quite literally* checks all the boxes; apply it to a checkbox to bulk check/uncheck groups of checkboxes.


Selectimus jQuery plugin allows to replace standart selects in each browser by identical ones.

Data Validator Cabal

jQuery plugin for data and forms validation / Plugin jquery para validaciĆ³n de datos y formularios

jQuery noInput

A jQuery plugin for displaying inline labels similar to HTML 5’s placeholders, that lets you style the placeholder text.

jQuery Form Validation

jQuery plugin that validates forms with return callbacks