JQuery Uploader List

jQuery plugin to upload multiple files, one after the other using a queue into list.

Lightbox effect for Picture Gallery – Vista Template

Lightbox effect for Picture Gallery. Vista Style DEMO. Add a image gallery on your webpage to enhance presentability of information to customers and the clients.


A jQuery plugin for creating 2D scatter plot graphs and charts.


Load one or multiple JavaScript files from the server using a GET HTTP request, then execute them..

in-text citation tool

jQuery/PHP based referencing tool for online documents.

Jquery freeChars Plugin

Minimal plugin to show available chars on textarea’s. Also works as maxlength attribute polyfill.

jQuery Form Tooltip

A plugin to enable animated, customisable tooltip on your form inputs when focusing.


A simple javascript aspect oriented programming library and jquery plugin

Image Joomla Lightbox – Pinboard Template

Image Lightbox for Joomla. Pinboard Style DEMO. You do not need to know javascript, htlm or css with amazing Visual LightBox.